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If you are single and have a passion for gardening is the perfect dating site for you. We are a UK dating site tailored to matching singles with a love of horticulture.

You can register for free by filling in the form above and once you've completed the sign up process you'll be able to search our entire database of UK members and easily find a single gardener in your local area.

You'll be under no pressure or obligation to pay us a single penny but we are confident that once you see how easy the site is to use, and are able to browse the thousands of Greenfingerdating members we already have you will want to upgrade to full membership.

Become a full member and enjoy all the features the site has to offer.

Green Fingered Features    
Winks If you find someone you like, give them a wink and let them know!
Send Messages Send a message to anybody that you like the look of.
Favorites Add people to your Favorites list then it's much easier to find them.
Gifts There are loads of fun gifts you can send to impress.
Diary Keep your own diary or read someone else's to see how green fingered they really are.
Block members If any members annoy you, simply block them. You have total control.
Newest Members A real time list of all the latest members to join Green Finger Dating.
Automatch Let our clever software do the matching for you.
Newest Photos As members add new photographs, you get to see them first straight away.

So join us today and let new friendships flourish.......

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